“Adventure instead of results”

What outdoor trends can we expect? What are the outdoor activities of the future? We asked manufacturers of sporting goods, retailers, health experts and athletes for their predictions. We can tell this much in advance: they all agree in one point – exercising outdoors is the perfect counterbalance to our everyday routine


Andreas Bartmann,

Managing Director Globetrotter Ausrüstung GmbH

“Today, a love of nature is already a lifestyle for a majority of the population. The desire to slow down our hectic world is becoming increasingly important. More and more people reduce stress by enjoying active vacations or an active leisure lifestyle. This means we are dealing more intensively with a new target group requiring new product selections. Together with our brand product suppliers we are looking forward to tapping this potential.”


Ingo Froböse,

Managing Director Globetrotter Ausrüstung GmbH

“Physical activity in the outdoors is one of humanity’s most basic activities. Yet in the past we increasingly restricted sports to indoor halls and preset patterns of movement. We need to follow the motto “back to the roots” in the future! Our goal has to be to embrace nature, exercise without pressure and consciously experience our environment. Not as an obligation, but a passion for sports has to the motivation. A current example is the renaissance of fitness trails in public parks, which are regaining increasing popularity. They are simple, yet very effective, and everyone can use them free of charge.”


Hans Allmendinger,

Director of Business Unit Marketing and Communication for Sport 2000

“As seen in the past years the fitness sports trend will continue, and become an even more important factor for market differentiation and profile determination, particularly for sports retailers. We assist our partners with this trend by offering continued education for a health and fitness consultant certification. Participants will be able to satisfy the increasing demands in the sports and health sector, and impress their customers with their expertise in topics such as the cardiovascular system, metabolism, orthopedics and biomechanics.”

Antje von Dewitz,

CEO Vaude Sport GmbH & Co. KG

“Outdoor and sustainability are very obvious social trends. I believe that the public’s interest will increase considerably in the future. People are searching for a counterbalance to their increasingly hectic work routine and daily life. The outdoors mandate enjoyment instead of stress. Experience instead of results. Anyone who loves to spend time outdoors will not get around thinking about a more conscious use of resources that are becoming scarcer. Multi-function is also a topic. Less expert behavior in terms of one activity, but a movement towards multiple sports with various activities that do not each require a special set of equipment. In this regard, new leasing concepts – in the spirit of a sharing economy – could also become interesting for retail and manufacturers.”


Aline Bock,

Professional Freerider

“In my opinion, outdoor adventures on split boards far away from mass tourism will become more commonplace. Until now, snowboarder’s backcountry adventures were synonymous with challenging ascents. Only wealthy mountain enthusiasts were able to afford a flight with a helicopter. Many snowboarders have found out in the last years that the split board opens up many new opportunities. This development will continue for the next few years, because a large part of the public is beginning to discover a passion for outdoor sports as well as for ski and snowboard touring. Backcountry terrain off the beaten path is becoming more accessible; there are new ways to reach untouched powder slopes, and many new lines are suddenly within reach. In the future you won’t have to fly to Alaska to ride the steepest runs. There is uncharted territory close to home. Europe is and will remain an attractive destination for most of us.”


Rolf Schmid,

CEO Mammut

“I have to admit, as the CEO of a brand specializing in mountain sports I have a hard time speaking of trends. We will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn in 2015. In essence, we are not really living a trend in the mountains – we are living a tradition with a perspective. And this will likely not change much in the next five years. The mountains are and will remain a fascinating refuge from our everyday routine. Without a doubt, mountaineering equipment, whether for hiking, climbing, or trekking will undergo further development. Products will become even lighter yet provide better performance at the same time. Parallel to this we will experience further advances in eco-friendly production. In the future, we will work with comprehensive standards that will bring us an enormous step closer to working in harmony with nature. Maybe even already to a level where the outdoor industry can act as a role model for other industry branches.”